N.J. Laboratory

Supplies cc is a BEE company from previously dis-advantaged community. MR. V.K. MOODLEY who is an Asian male, is the member of the company. N.J. Laboratory Supplies cc enjoys leadership in the field of SUPPLY AND MARKETING OF LABORATORY CONSUMABLES, CHEMICALS, SOLVENTS, EQUIPMENT, GLASSWARE, SAMPLING CONTAINERS, GLASS BOTTLES, PLASTIC BOTTLES AND METAL CONTAINERS etc.

N.J. LABORATORY SUPPLIES cc realize that its company's future lies in providing consistent and superior quality product / service to customers and taking into consideration the current market trend and customer requirements. N.J. Laboratory Supplies cc is in its 12th year in existence and owes this to its loyal clients, which is made possible by the quality, service and dedication of its staff.


N.J. Laboratory Supplies has started an international marketing division. Specialized solvents (reference fuels)/equipment are now being imported.


N.J. Laboratory Supplies cc aims at providing better services to its valued customers. We have the capacity to deal with any challenging assignments, and believe in the tradition of better service, quality and satisfaction to our customers. Customer service is our mission and customer satisfaction is our purpose. The experience we have gained during the past 10 years gives us the confidence to understand our customer's needs.


N.J. Laboratory Supplies cc supply many specialty products viz: ASTM Reference Fuels, Specialized Equipment, Custom made products according to customer needs, Packaging / Sample containers, Foil products, Plastic Bags, Sealing Wire, Plastic / Glass Bottles and many other products. We are also distributors of consumables.


Delivery is done in all areas daily at no additional cost within a 100km radius irrespective of the amount of the order.

If orders are phoned / faxed in before 10h00 am delivery will be done the same day if circumstance permits. This, however excludes import items, which have a lead delivery period of 4-6 weeks. We will also deliver after hours should the need be. (This is not a business ploy, try us)


We are a company that came from a previously dis-advantaged community. N.J. Laboratory Supplies cc is 100% owned by Mr. V.K. Moodley who is an Asian. We have 5 employees in total viz: 3 Indians and 2 Blacks out of which 1 black is in management (supervisor) and the other is in dispatch. The company is growing from strength to strength. N.J. Laboratory Supplies cc has just been rated 100% BEE.

BEE Empowerment

N.J. Laboratory Supplies cc spends 70% of its expenditure in previously disadvantaged companies.

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